Money, Money, Money

So you want to join the fight against climate change, but where is the money?

Truth is, there are a lot of organisations—government and otherwise—that want to encourage the fight against climate change and are offering incentives to do so.

The federal government offers a slew of climate related funds:

  •  Climate Action and Awareness Fund: funding for education, training and tools, outreach and promotion, and networking and partnering.
  •  Low Carbon Economy Fund: A $2 billion fund to support projects that help to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Clean Growth Hub: a whole-of-government focal point for clean technology focused with funding for Research, development and demonstration, Growing your clean technology company, Exporting your technology, Adoption of market-ready technologies, Wage subsidies and General innovation measures
  • Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE): a federal funding program to build the capacity of communities, organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and practitioners to access, use, and apply knowledge and tools on climate change adaptation in their work.

The BC Government, under the CleanBC plan, also offers several funding opportunities:

BC Hydro and Fortis offer rebates for energy efficiency retrofits and new construction, residential and business.

For non-profits operating housing there are the CleanBC Social Housing Incentives and Social Housing Retrofit supports.

The New Relationship Trust administers the BC Indigenous Clean Energy Initiative, providing support and capacity building funding to indigenous communities developing clean energy projects.

There is GrantNews with a searchable database of grants currently showing 16 grants in BC related to climate change.

There are lots of incentives around. You can start applying now. Better yet, start by taking an overarching look at where your organisation is now, where it wants to be, and then pursuing the most appropriate funding to help move you along towards your goals.


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